Club América Fan Memories


Club América Fan Memories


In an exclusive partnership with Club América, Fan Ink commemorates the 105th anniversary of “Las Aguilas” with a retro capsule and our fans' memories.

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Oct 21, 21

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Family tradition is a reason why I am an America fan. Growing up I saw my dad root for them therefore, I was born into it. Besides that, growing up, I’d see how much history America has, which led me to be passionate about the team as well.

The greatest memory I have as a fan would be the day I surprised my dad with tickets to Mexico City to watch America play at El Azteca for our very first time. And after that day, we made a pact to go watch America in every stadium both in Mexico and the USA.


Because Club America is a way of life, I have always liked the best, and Club America is the best, the only big one in the country. Club America provokes emotions in me that not even my girlfriend is possible to do. I am used to winning, and being a fan of Club America is possible. As we say, the fanatics Club America… Hate me more, in Spanish the meaning is ÓDIAME MÁS.

And, my biggest memory was in the season Clausura 2013, because I was present in almost all the games, home and away. I felt like part of the champion squad. The final match against Cruz Azul was like a movie, the best movie of Hollywood. Thanks for so many joys Club America.


Because my dad is a great Azulcrema fan and I grew up listening to the stories of Zelada, Tena, Zague, Biyik, Kalusha among other idols. He instilled in me this love for Club America and in 2002 it was that we would live our first championship together.

My favorite memory is when we hugged while we celebrated the mythical goal of Moises Muñoz with which we went to the extension and later we would be champions with a penalty from my idol Miguel Layún.


I lived in a time of triumph and victories, Las Águilas reigned Mexican soccer. There was no other team to support. My biggest memory was when I met and got the signature of Cuauhtémoc Blanco, In that moment I was a boy full of dreams and with a lot of passion. In this time I have had more important memories, but if I had to choose one it would be that 🦅


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